My child and me

This service will be available in the fall.

This program was developed in Montreal for parents aged 18 and over with borderline personality traits or disorder and who have children aged 3 to 13. It is a psycho-educational group inspired by dialectical behavioral therapy aimed at learning new parenting skills and competencies by taking into account the emotional and relational difficulties of parents. 

The group sessions aim to raise awareness of the interpersonal problems of these parents, but also to reflect and learn, in order to support them in their role as parents. The group takes place over a period of 10 weeks, including a commitment meeting, 8 group sessions of 2 hours and a final debriefing meeting.  

  • Antisocial personality disorder  
  • Active psychotic disorder  
  • Intellectual disability or limited intelligence  
  • Violence  
  • Couple  
  • No motivation (voluntary) 

Hôpital Montfort

This service at the Orléans Health Hub is offered by Hôpital Montfort.

This service is also available by videoconference or telephone.

This service requires a medical referral.



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