Anxiety Management

This service will be available in the Fall. 

This group is for Francophone adults who have difficulty managing their anxiety effectively. It offers psychoeducation and aims to work on the anxiety-provoking feelings, thoughts and behaviors that interfere with functioning. 

The ultimate goal of the group is to help participants clarify their values and take action towards a life worth living. 

We use elements of dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

The group is offered by two trained professionals and their trainees. Each session lasts two hours, once a week for 12 weeks. 

We target between 10 and 12 participants per group. We offer a one-on-one assessment and intake session before joining the group and a one-on-one meeting a few weeks after the group ends. We also use evaluation scales to monitor participants' progress.

Hôpital Montfort

This service at the Orléans Health Hub is offered by Hôpital Montfort.

This service is also available by videoconference or telephone.

This service requires a medical referral.



Icône carrefour bleu

Wing M, Room 1M601

Tuesday and Wednesday, afternoon