Would you like to open a café, a kiosk or a shop in the Orléans Health Hub?

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11 October 2019
Sylvie Villeneuve and Yves Tremblay in front of the Orléans Health Hub
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7 October 2020

Anticipated to open to the public in mid-2021, the Ontario Health Hub (OHH) project has a number of opportunities for Retail Service Operators for revenue generating leasehold opportunities to independently operate:

  • Café and seating Area (“café extension”);
  • Retail marketplace (‘kiosk’); and/or
  • and/or a mobility aid retail shop compatible with the vision and programming of the OHH.

Hôpital Montfort is seeking Expressions of Interest from vendors interested and capable of offering these Retail Services, which may at Montfort’s sole discretion, proceed to a Second Stage Process following and related to this RFEOI. This Second Stage Process may include but is not limited to either a public or limited Request for Proposal process, or direct negotiations with a Proponent.

The OHH is anticipated to be open to the public between approximately 7:00 (or 7:30 AM) to 8:00 PM, with the potential for some clinical and diagnostic services to be provided into the later evening. Montfort anticipates a high volume of pedestrian traffic during core hours, including clients, family and care workers, as well as OHH staff and medical students with an estimated 100 – 150 Employees with over 100,000 visits per year, with with 240 parking spaces.

The Retail offerings and Services to be provided are predicated on and should align to the OHH’s vision, goals and guiding principles which include:

  • Building partnerships among health and community care providers to improve capacity and access to the health care system and to deliver coordinated, seamless, high quality Services;
  • Increasing support to primary care providers and collaborating with them to improve and strengthen the health and wellness of residents of greater Orléans;
  • Positively transforming health care clients’ experience and satisfaction of the health care system by:
    • providing timely access to quality bilingual Services and ensuring smooth transitions between such Services; and
    • empowering clients to take an active role in decisions about, and the management of, their health and well-being; and
  • Providing cost effective care and contributing to a better use of primary and acute care resources.

Additional information on each of the above opportunities can be received by writing an email to a Montfort representative at achat@montfort.on.ca and/or viewed on the Merx website.

Deadline to express interest : February 17, 2020